Are these genital warts?

Patient: Please help!I rarely have sex, but did a month ago on February 8th and 9th, this was after not having sex for a whole year. There was little to no foreplay – it was basically just kissing for a few minutes and then straight into sex (bad idea I know) it was pretty painful and I was not lubricated enough. My partner and I had sex within 5 hours of each other, so I know this was probably a lot to handle down there. I often tear near the end of my vagina during sex but it always heals on its own. Well, about a week after sex I was checking to see how the tear was healing by looking in a mirror. I decided to check everything else, I’ve done routine checks down there to make sure everything looks ok. I noticed something different when I pulled both sides of my lips open. On either side of the opening of my vagina walls are clusters of “bumps” some look like bumps, some look like long stringy pieces of shredded skin. They are different shapes and are flesh colored but noticeable. I have never seen these before, and they showed up directly after sex. My partner and I used protection with a latex condom. I have severe allergies to adhesives where I breakout in blisters wherever contact with adhesives has been made. Doctors have advised me to not use latex of any kind because they believe there is a high chance I am allergic to that as well. I used a latex condom anyways not even thinking. For a while I thought maybe it was a reaction to the condom since it appeared so quickly – but I really feel like it couldn’t be at this point because it’s now almost a month later and the “bumps” are still there. I am afraid that these could be genital warts. I have researched pictures and only a few sort of look like what I have. They don’t resemble a cauliflower appearance but are in a cluster type form. Also, I believe my hymen is still intact, I have a large piece of pink skin covering the opening of my vagina. When I lost my virginity, I did not bleed – and like I said I rarely participate in sexual activity of any kind. At first, I thought that maybe whatever I see on the inner walls are pieces of my hymen that possible have been torn? Whenever I put the flap of my lip back down the “bumps” or pieces that I’m describing fit perfectly into the missing pieces of my hymen. Also, in January I treated myself for a yeast infection with Monistat 1 because I was experiencing itching. I always have white build up all over the inside of my vagina, every time I shower or just wipe it off it goes away but always comes back. I’m usually itchy down there, especially around my clitoris (also experience a musky-fishy odor ONLY on my clitoris – for years) but if I use anti-fungal creams on my clitoris the itch and odor goes away. If I stop using it it comes back. I feel theres a lot of things that could be playing into all of this. I’m afraid that maybe I have more than one thing going on.My questions are:Could this be genital warts?Would they show up that quickly after sex? (I noticed them a few days after sex, but possible that they have been there for a long time and I am just now noticing)Could this just be some type of irritation from dry/rough sex? Would it still be there even after a month has passed?Could it be an allergic reaction to a latex condom even though it’s been a month since contact with the condom and bumps are still there?Since I am almost positive my hymen is still intact could it be that parts of it have torn and those are remaining pieces?Can I still get genital warts even though I had all 3 shots of Gardisil at 15? – I am 22 now.What would cause the itchiness and musky/fishy odor only on my clitoris?What is the white build up all over my vagina and why does it keep coming back?Sorry for all the information and questions, any help would be greatly appreciated.

Symptoms: Genital bumps

Doctor: Hi.Thank you for writing to ATD.Here are a few possibilities:- Injury to mucosa- Allergic reaction- STDT he mucosa or lining of the vagina is very sensitive. It is very susceptible to damage and I think that you may have injured it during intercourse. Rest from intercourse and avoid it till the area heals.An allergic reaction is probably because a latex condom was used. If it feels itchy, then you can take a tablet Levocetirizine to help reduce the itching.The 3rd possibility of a STD happens because of multiple causes. The STD could be:- Herpes- Syphilis- Genital warts- HCV/HBV- ChlamydiaThough these all have a unique presentation, it will be difficult to diagnose you without an examination. Talk to a Doctor to help you with this.Wishing you a quick recovery.