Are these pimples on my penile shaft an STD?

Patient: Is having small warts on your penile shaft a sign of an STD?

Symptoms: So I’m a virgin and technically still am. Last Wednesday I was at a party and this girl gave me head. The next day I couldn’t find a extra pair of boxers so I wore my old ones. The same day I put deodorant around my penis so it doesn’t smell. The same day i had a burning feeling and my piss came out dark yellow and it sucked, but the following day all those symptoms were completely gone. So I’m not sure if it was the deodorant that caused those symptoms or an STD. Although the past two days I been noticing small brown pimples on my penile shaft. There really small and don’t hurt at all. One is larger compare to the others and I think the others are growing too. This is what is really freaking me out.