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Patient: I have about 4 pimple like bumps (sometimes they look like a pimple, other times like a red bump with a volcano like dome in the middle) on my penis that showed up not long after some rather frictional sex. I’ve just recently moved up north so I have noticed some chaffing and cuts but with application of lotion they go away while these ones have stayed. In the pictures you will notice some dry skin/scabbing, which is from the the original cuts that had healed. The other bumps are the ones I am concerned about

Symptoms: Only symptoms are slight tenderness/pain that comes due to clothing

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Doctor: Hello, Thanks for contacting Ask The Doctor for an opinion. If these bumps have appeared after a sexual encounter and typically with a dome and central depression with pain and inflammation seen at the base, then they indicate that of molluscum contagiosum. These are STD lesions and are of viral origin.

They can be treated by either cryotherapy if you want early resolution or they would subside on their own over a period of 35-45 days. However inflammation and pain is because of frictional injury and that should subside with NSAIDS. It is important that you should visit your physician for a local examination and if required a culture swab from the local area to isolate the organism for confirmation and then direct the treatment accordingly.

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