Are these signs of anemia or something else?

Patient: My name is lilly and i’m 14 years old. i’ve been noticing that my sleep patterns have been unregular for a while and my mom started giving me melatonin before bed and Vitamin B12 after breakfast the next day. Its been helping well for a while but just today after school i decided to take a nap because i was feeling unusually run down and tired. when i woke up i didn’t feel any better and i actually developed a headache. I started getting diahrea and just a minute ago i looked in the mirror to see that my eyes turned a gross yellow color whiched freaked me out. I know that anemia runs in our family and i dont know if its hereditary but i assumed theres a possibility i might have it. ive been eating a lot of broccoli and exercising regularly. i’m sort of concerned about my eyes and why i woke up with diahrre. any ideas?

Doctor: I doesnt seem as though you have anemia. Anemia usually presents with generalised tiredness,looking pale initialy. If it is not treated it can lead to shortness of breath and chest pains etc.The symptoms that you are having of diarrhea along with a yellow discoloration ( jaundice) seems to point more towards an acute liver infection ie hepatitis. You need to go in to see you family physician for a more detailed physical examination and history along with a blood test that will check for both anemia and to see whether you have contracted an acute viral hepatitis. All the best.