Are These Signs of Depression?

Patient: Do you have any idea why i am tired all of the time, i always have headaches, always feel sick in my stomach and i never feel like doing anything i used to love. I never use to feel like this but now i have felt like this for a few months. My sleeping pattern is all mixed up as i be tired all day and have no push to do anything but when i go to bed i am wide awake and restless. I have gained a lot of weight during this time and my sex drive is lowered. My family has a distant history of depression. What do you think is wrong with me? Sorry For Waffling On.

Doctor: I can understand your concern regarding your symptoms. A family history of depression is the strongest risk factor forde pression. I would recommend that you see your health care practitioner for a history and physical exam to ensure your symptoms are not better explained by other medical conditions such as hypothyroidism. Depression is a condition which occurs due to imbalance of various chemical substances in our body. The signs of depression may be as follows :Low moodPresence of guilt.Decreased appetiteDecreased sleep with early morning awakening or increased sleepLoss of interest in activities that usually used to interest individualLow energy, pyshcomotor retardation ( slowing of physical movements and mental thinking process)Decreased concentration, suicide ideations etcDepression is a curable condition and one may need pyshcotherapy along with medication, relaxation therapy and counselling.