Are these signs of diabetes?

Patient: Hello there i have been feeling the following symptoms: everyday I feel really dizzy, shakey inside, cold sweat feel like I am about to pass out unless I eat something. I have had my blood tested when I felt like this and it was 2.5(63). But now everyday I also get pins and needles in my hands and feet, head feels really wierd and my eyes go hazy like I am looking through clingfilm and when I feel like this when I go for a wee it really stings. Also everynight I wake up busting for a wee, and again in the morning once a wake up I am busting to go for a wee and when I go it really hurts my sides. Also throughout the night my mouth gets really dry and feel really thirsy. Is this diabetes?

Doctor: The most common symptoms of diabetes include :Needing to urinate frequentlyExcessive thirst andBlurred visionHowever, though theses symptoms are commonly seen in diabetes, not everyone has these symptoms and they are not diagnostic of diabetes. Several blood tests are used to measure blood glucose levels, the primary test for diagnosing diabetes. Random blood sugar test, fasting blood sugar, Hemoglobin A1C and oral glucose tolerance tests are done to determine diabetes. I would also advise a urinalysis and an ultrasound to rule out kidney stones and a urinary tract infection in your case. I wish you well, take care.