Are these symptoms of UTI?

Patient: Hi, I’m 24 years old and have an active sex life. Around 5 days back I had sex with my boyfriend a couple of times in a single day. Since then, I have burning sensation in my vagina whenever i urinate. Its not increasing or decreasing but is becoming a concern for me. This has never happened before and we used condom during sex. My vagina doesn’t look red or swollen and seems pretty normal. Can you please suggest some anti allergic cream or medicine. Thanks.

Doctor: You may have contracted a urinary tract infection which typically presents with burning on urination. However I would al so like to rule out an Sexually transmitted infection if you are also getting symptoms of any vaginal discharge. There is no anti allergic medication which will help with the same. You need to see you GP for a urine test and certain antibiotics will be prescribed to you. All the best.