Arizona AFO for Charcot foot

Patient: I have bilateral charcot foot, and they are very flat, with heel valgus. Has the arizona brace been proven useful for my condition?

Doctor: Yes, the Arizona  AFO (ankle-foot orthoses) is a custom molded, leather AFO that stabilizes the ankle and foot providin ing medial and lateral stability and benefits deambulation in patients with Charcot foot. Custom footwear and bracing devices are important considerations for patients with Charcot but there are a wide variety of bracing devices and footwear currently available. Ideally, any of these devices should help you to protect the extremity from repetitive microtrauma, prevent skin breakdown or recurrence of the disease process, supplement wound healing of any ulceration and assist you during ambulation. The choice of the device or shoe will change according to the stage of disease and your comfort and specific requirements.