Arm Extension

Patient: I broke my right elbow several times when I was younger, and after one of the breaks the doctor didn’t set it right and it didn’t heal correctly. So for the past 15 years( I’m 20) I hadn’t been able to straighten my arm completely out. I had another surgery about 6 months ago that allows my arm to extend almost fully, much more than it was, but I can only extend it with the help of my other arm pushing or if I’m holding something heavy enough to extend it. I do physical therepy everyday and just got a membership at the local gym, but in the last 6 months havent seen a lot of improvement to extend my arm by itself. So my question is, are there ever cases where a doctor has prescribed a muscle steroid to a patient who has a condition such as mine?

Doctor: В No, absolutely not, the steroid injection is not a treatment option for your case, if you have by now, what we call “fu њfunctional range of motion”, in other words, flexion-extension of the elbow that allows you to complete the majority of your daily living activities without significant restriction, you should just keep doing physical therapy and you should have learned by now your own maintenance routine of strengthening and stretching of your affected arm.