Arm is falling off!

Patient: Years ago when I was a teen ager I was in a bad car accident and had my head pinned under the dash of my friends car in a wreck .we were doing about 75 and lost control slamming into a tree.i don’t know how I was able to do it but I freed myself and walked to the nearest farmhouse and got help for my friends-years later I’m 55 now, my arm is fully paralised on the right side,i’m in constant pain in my neck and spine allthe muscles in that arm have shrunk to half the size of the other one there are new sores opening up on the top and underside of that arm and the pain in my armpit there fells like something is trying to push it’s way out of me there!-does it sound like the arm is dying to you-I am out of work and have no medical coverage my neck and back hurt bad as well and lately my other arm has started to tingle and throb like this one has started all those years ago some one told me that I may have gotten muscular dystrophy from my injury and its spreading-can this be true as well?-I need help and don’t know who to turn to-chris