Armpit and Breast Pimples

Patient: I have weird pimple-like things under my armpit and on the side of my breast but only on the left side.When I pop them blood and pus comes out.They are super embarrassing!I think it could be bra irritation because my left breast is smaller and the bra leans to the left.I hope someone will know what it is…What is it and how can i fix it?

Symptoms: Hurts,Sore and reoccuring

Doctor: These eruptions could be due to the abrasive effect of your ill-fitting bra on the left side. You could try wearing a sp orts bra, instead of the wired ones or the ones that do not fit properly. This will definitely resolve the abrasions and help you recover fast. In the meanwhile, you may apply a local antiseptic ointment over the eruptions. If these measures fail, you should visit a Dermatologist for further clinical evaluation and advise.

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Guest: Well I So wear sports bra but they be tight and it’s black spot over my chest and on both side of my breast it. Look. Like they coming on my stomach