Arota Bi-Fem Closed Off

Patient: Hi I am a 54 yr old Male that has PADS. I had a Fem-Fem by-pass done in Oct 2008, the a Aorta Bi-Fem in March 2009, the right side occluded in March 2010 and was repaired in June of 2010. Now for my question…Both sides of the graph have closed off (right side closed Aug of 2014, Left side closed Feb 28, 2015) blood flow is just enough to keep legs alive, but my left foot has swollen and the right is starting to swell. There is strong rest pain in my left leg (keeps me from sleeping), so basically I wont to know what signs should I be looking for to get emergency help….I do not have insurance and can’t afford what is currently being offered.Thanks for any help.Bad Legs.

Symptoms: Symptoms: Swelling, and severe rest pain

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query and an elucidate history.Noted the disease PADS, the procedures of bypass and the complic ations and now the swelling on foot with pain.Both sides of the graft have closed off, the blood flow is just enough to keep the legs alive.Now the left foot is swollen and the right one is starting to swell.Strong rest pain in the left leg, keeping you from sleeping.Wants to know the signs to looks for to get emergency help. (Do not have insurance).The signs and symptoms to look for :-Swelling and pain – you already have.-Change in color of the skin.-Change in temperature. Cold indicates reduced blood supply which is already precarious.Warm indicates infection.-Pressure on the calf area manually.-Pulling up the foot (extending) causing pain in the calf muscles. DVT (deep vein thrombosis) is a possibility as your movements might have slowed down, the arterial blood supply is less causing the venous return stagnant.-Any change in sensation from increase in pains to reduction in pain.I hope this answer helps you.Please feel free to ask for more or if you need further clarifications if you feel there is a gap of communication.