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Ascites in Advanced Cervical Cancer

Dear Ask The Doctor:
I had my cervix and 2 lymph nodes removed due to cervical cancer on 3/25/10, i was having severe pain in my back and abdomen a week following the surgery, there was a build up of fluid in my abdomen, they put a drain tube in my stomach and decided it was lyphatic fluid, on 4/2/10. I still have the drain in and im draining about 1000ml a day, which i feel is alot. is this normal?


It seems that you may have advanced cervical cancer which has spread abdomen. This is the cause of the fluid accumulating in the abdomen. There is really no “normal” amount if fluid that should be drained per day. 1000 ml/day is a lot of fluid and unfortunately I do not think the drainage will decrease over time as the cause of the fluid cannot be addressed by surgery.

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