Asking about falling pregant

Patient: So i have problems wirh my periods so they put the Implanon inn my arm and it stopped my periods all together and now im getting my period evey 2 weeks i and unproductive sex with my partner and then got my period.. is there a chance i could fall pregant??

Doctor: Hello,If you have been on implanon and your periods had stopped earlier, then it is evident that your ovulation has b een checked and the 2 weekly bleeding that you are experiencing is a probable breakthrough bleeding which is often common with progesterone implants but they subside by 3-4 months.Stress per say both emotional and psychological can cause such episodes as they are known to cause hormonal imbalances, so try avoiding it. Now your concern is regarding unprotected sex with your partner and then getting a bleed again, this ensures that there was no implantation or fertilization either and you are safe from pregnancy.I hope I have answered your query in detail,wishing you good health,regards