Asking help and advice and a more detailed answer.

Patient: Having problems.. Missed period for December of 2014.Last men’s was November at,2014Having backaches and breasts feel bruised but nipples are not sore.Currently taking metformin 1000mg 2x a day.. I am insulin resistant.Started medication July 2014Menstruals have been regular.Now missed a period.. Which I was told by my doctor.. The medication foes not let u miss a period and does not cause back pains..I often gag but do not vomit.I get dizzy spells sometimes.. Now it has calm down a little..I’m not sick morning time but do gag and feel like I need to throw up.Help please ?Need advice and a 2nd opinion.Thankyou so much

Symptoms: Stomach cramps,back pains, no period,
Breasts feel brushed.