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Aspirin in pregnancy for miscarriage prophylaxis

Patient: Hi I have a question and don’t know who else to ask. I had two missed miscarriages identical at six weeks in 2010 On the advice of the early pregnancy unit they told me to try a baby aspirin next pregnancy and i am currently 35 weeks on my third attempt. The EPU told me to take the aspirin to 36 weeks and now 36 weeks is approaching i am really scared to stop and am looking for reassurance that the bby and placenta don’t need the aspirin any more, Could you advise me on this? Thanks Kelly Chapman




Doctor: Aspirin might have helped you during your pregnancy to avoid possible blood clots that may interfere with the blood supp ly form the placenta to the fetus.Let me reassure you that since your due date is near, your physician recommended you to stop taking the Aspirin since during labor , it might act as an anticoagulant and you might bleed more than you normally should. Therefore, I would suggest you to follow your doctor’s instructions and hold the Aspirin for the rest of your pregnancy. I wish you the best.


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