Asthma and domestic environmental factors

Patient: I am a 63-yr old female, just diagnosed with adult onset asthma. Symptoms are not very severe, but have been persistent since starting 15 months ago. I am receiving treatment, keeping my house at a fairly steady temperature, exercising regularly and eating well. There is some family history of childhood asthma (son, cousins) and adult onset (mother). Also I have some skin allergies ,and dietary intolerances especially to maltodextrose and solanum family foods (potatoes, tomatoes, etc), but not life-threatening. I smoked ca 12 a day for 40 years, stopped 5 years ago. Three years ago I adopted a rescued cat. I have lived many years with cats in the past, but never had asthma previously. Do you have any recommendations for domestic environmental changes?

Symptoms: Coughing especially at night and on exposure to cold, tightness of chest, much sputum clear in colour and a little frothy.