Asthma attack for over a week now

Patient: My wife has asthma and an inhaler, but she’s been having an asthma attack for a little over a week now and i can’t convince her to go to the hospital because that’s our only choice right now. please what should i do?

Doctor: I understand your concern about your wife’s asthma condition. According to your description of the events, it seems that at she is having asthma attacks almost daily for more than a week. If this is true, it would be better to take her to the hospital attributable to the management of asthma in this case would be by adding other medications such as corticosteroids to the inhaler that she is already applying to herself but appear to be not enough.I suggest you to take her to the hospital as soon as possible for a more detailed evaluation and management of her asthma. I wish her a prompt recovery.