Asthma Help Me Please

Patient: I Live In a House With Second Hand Smokers And Ive Told Them Several Time To Ether Stop OR Smoke Outside But They Refuse And It is Truly Affecting Me… I am a College Student And When Im In My Dorm My Asthma Is Perfectly Fine I Barely Have To Use My Asthma Pump But When I Come Home For The Holidays My Asthma Is Horrible Because They Smoke I Want To Know Is There Something I Can Buy To Help Me When I Come Home So I Wont Be Affected By The Smoking…. It Is Really Killing Me… It is a House Of 5 And 3 Of Them Smoke And They Smoke Every 5 Minutes Literally… Help Me Please

Symptoms: Wheezing, Coughing, Sore Throat , Very Hard To Breath

Doctor: Asthma can be really aggravated with smoke and yes i understand your predicament here. All i can suggest is if you canno t change the place of residence or the room , then you may buy yourself a N95 face mask , that should help you tremendously keeping the smoke out. If its not available then you can wet a cloth and tie it across your nose and mouth to avoid the fumes entering the respiratory system.Else , the best way would be to persuade them to smoke outside or at one particular rom only and keep the house well ventilated.I hope i have answered your query,regards