Asthma Inhaler – New Prescription Necessary?

Patient: HiI have been told that I have Asthma by my GP, however; I don’t think that I do. I was coughing for about 3 months and in that time I had a chest x-ray which was clear, I was prescribed penicilin which got rid of the cough for a week but then it came back and then I was prescribed a Qvar preventer inhaler. This stopped the cough for around 3 weeks and then it came back, I was then prescribed Clenil modulite inhaler and this made no difference. I was then prescribed stronger penicilin and this got rid of the cough and it has not come back to date. I was also sent for spirometry tests and the results came back fine, the spirometrist would NOT diagnose me with Asthma, however my GP insists that I do and so told me to carry on taking my Clenil Modulite inhaler. i have done this but it has now run out, so I was wondering whether I should get another prescription for one? As I have now not coughed once ever since I had the penicilin and don’t see the point in taking an inhaler that’s doing nothing?

Symptoms: Coughing, Asthma