Asthma or auto immune?

Patient: A year ago I started a job working with formaldehyde. in the first week I developed a bad bronchitis and was treated. for the past few months I have had shortness of breath, chest tightness, rapid heartbeat. my doc put me on symbicort and albuteral and did chest xray (normal). this didn’t help he doubled my dose and put me on singulair also. this didn’t help and I ended up in the emergency room where I was given a shot of solmedrol (? I think). also for over a year I gave ben extremely fatigued, weak, my concentration and short term memory gave gotten very bad. my question is .. is my dr on the right path with asthma (no previous history). for the past 8 yrs I have had several unexplained inflammation incidents that lasted 6 months to a year and a half each. first joint pain in knees hands and elbows where I had a positive ana test but no diagnoses, then a swollen for for a year with pain for the first 6 months. then repeated pain following a large vein in my leg with red bruise like markings showing up along the vein over and over..and now my lungs.. is ther some sort of auto immune disease that could be jumping around my body?other info.. I do smoke, no wheezing ,oxygen hasnt been low on any episode did spirometer with no symptoms, it came out good.