Asthma or not?

Patient: My 5 yr old son has what doctors say is asthma but doesnt follow the norm I am very confused by it and never no quite what to do. I thoght at first that he had croup but he would get it time after time always at the beginning of a cold and sometimes just by itself. theres always drainage, runny nose and he will sound very hoarse, thats alway a bad sign. when nite comes you no youll be in trouble he gets the exact sound that you do with croup. a hoarse barking cough and sounds very rough on the breath in and on the way out. the thing that confuses me the worst is that breathing treatments dont always seem to help sometime his symptons seem to worsen when given a treatment. when I tell his doctor that he just looks at me blankly and seems like he doesnt quite believe it? so is it my imagination? My husband has thought at times too that it gets worse. can you give me any suggestions?