Asthma treatments

Patient: Hi,I am a 42 years old female from new zealand who live in China. I was allergic to dust long ago in australia whom was given pridnosone and anti histamin. wich fixed it. Later I moved to Oman where I got renaitis, hey fever and asthma few times from dust. Now I am in China where the air is highly polluted by cole burning for energy. I am in a disastorous situation where the docters aren’t speaking english at all who think I have cold.But it is asthma as I know. All the medicines are in Chinese language wich I any how managed to buy. I take now prednisone acitate 60 mg and anti histamine 10 mg and roxithromycin 0.3 per day. I feel I am getting better wich is so slow. I have suffer this now from 2 months. I was ok till the winter started. Now I even piss on the pant when I caugh and got hemorrhoide too. Normally prednisone took 2 to 3 days to cure me. But now it seems to be slow.Ath the movement I am not having renaitis or hey fever. So docter could you please tell me is this medication helping me or do I have to change it? Please give me informations.Thank you so muchJacqui.