Asthmatic with weight loss and chronic cough what it can be?

Patient: Hi! My husband is an Asthmatic since 3yrs and takes Serflo 250mg everyday. Past 1 month I’ve observed weight loss, increased fatigue , increased instances of wheezing, sore throat and chronic cough and cold .He has itching watery red eyes. What it can be?

Doctor: In a known case of Bronchial Asthma, wheezing and chronic cough, are signs that should not be ignored. Your husband need s urgent medical attention in terms of further evaluation (to rule out Acute Bronchitis or Pneumonitis) and revision of his ongoing therapy, by a Chest Physician. His loss of weight could be due to an underlying infection and increased fatigue is a result of poor state of his pulmonary ventilation. Since almost 80% cases of Bronchial Asthma are due to allergies, itching and watery red eyes are an extended manifestation of the same disorder. These symptoms would also improve with the anti-histaminic therapy that would be part of his multi-drug regimen for Asthma. So, see a doctor today!!