Asymmetric and painless shoulder bones

Patient: Hi, I have these bones protruding from my right shoulder and right pectoral. They are completely painless yet my entire right side is uneven. Its extremely noticeable. I’ve tried not to get upset over it but I’m getting nervous. I’ve uploaded two pictures so you can see what I’m talking about. I’m not sure if its bodybuilding related or just my bone structure. Please tell me if there’s something I can do to correct it.

Doctor: The asymmetry of the back and shoulders bones may be due to several causes, for example: scoliosis, lack of posture ali ignment, scapula alata (winging scapula). Unfortunately the pictures that you uploaded had a problem and the  attach can’t be seen. I suggest that you have an evaluation by a spine surgeon  or Orthopedic specialist who will order the corresponding imaging studies to determine the cause of the asymmetry and decide the best treatment option in your case.