At our week 9 ultrasound for my wife and I

Patient: At our week 9 ultrasound for my wife and I first child the doctor noticed a bubble/extra fluid behind the neck. While she said it is too early to tell, she informed us it could be a marker for down syndrome. I wanted to ask are there other reason why fluid could appear behind the neck (babies position during ultra sound, etc) and if so are these type of annomilies frequently seen before a nuchal translucency screening can be performed?

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.Increased nuchal thickness or presence of any neck or nuchal swelling or cysts are co mmonly associated with down’s syndrome and turners syndrome and similar anomalies.The doctor may ask you to get a doubl marker test to predict the expected risk of downs syndrome. Later you will need to undergo an amniocentesis as well to see the fetal karyotyping and cell study.Hope this helped.Regards