Patient: Hi there,i am only 16 years of age, weigh about 130 and messuer hight is 5’2″.well this information has to do alot with my question, my consern is very difficult to explain and i know it will be hard for you to answer because of the little information i have givn you but i hope you can answer with any information anything will do.ok well i have joined sport since the beginin of the school year i weighed about 150 loss 10 pound for CC and 10 more for wrestling…i am currently doin track but i have also started doin heavy weights. i squat 45’s basicly 90 pounds overall. and beanch press 15, 30 pounds overall. i know that muscle weighs more than fat there for i will gain weight on the scale. what the problem is that i have felt heavier. in other words fater. my thies have goten stronger but they have goten fater, not shaped nore cutt, but fatter, my abs stomach has also widen. and my abs are getting harder BUT i feel so blowted. and my arms are jiggly also goten fater. i keep a steady diet. i eat watevr i please but very little meals i watch how much i eat. in the morning a milk shake 1 cup of milk with one banana and to go with it eaither an apple or anoter banana. for lunch what evr is served no side orders but fresh fruit about 2. and another 2 fruits for dinner. and plenty of water through out the day…can you please explain this weight i feel? is it my diet or the weaights.? or maybe both?? i have also felt very tierd while runing i run more than 3 miles a day but latley my body has felt imensavly heavy n i get tierd easily? please help? any advice??