Athsma reaction to marijuana

Patient: I am a 19 year old male and have used marijuana a number of times. After I smoked it heavily a couple times (had smoked only a little before) I noticed that my usually mild athsma that does not usually bother me flared up and I began coughing the day after smoking and this lasted for about 36 hours or so. I also noticed nausea after smoking when I smoked a lot. The last time I smoked it I got athsma and coughing only a couple hours after smoking it and the wheezing and coughing lasted for a number of days after smoking a single joint (the bout that my last smoking session triggered had subsided earlier in the day). I wonder what could have caused this? I do have mild athsma, a number of allergies to foods and various things, and a history of acid reflux. I’m not on any kind of medication other than my inhaler as needed.