Atrial Fibrillation

Patient: Is anybody going to answer my previous questionsatrial fibrillation/anxiety

Doctor: Thanks for consulting us. Atrial fibrillation is irregular beating of the heart characterized by atrial rate of around 2 50 to 400 per minute. This is associated some extent of AV block; hence heart rate (ventricular rate) would be around 150 per minute. As there is compromise of effective cardiac out put, it cause heart failure, syncope, etc. It can present with symptoms like palpitations, anxiety, giddiness syncope, dyspnea, angina etc. People perceive palpitations like anxiety and uneasiness in chest. Most common cause of Atrial flutter is Coronary heart disease and Valvular heart disease. Other conditions like Thyroid disorders, Dyselectrolytemia can also cause AF. If you come across such symptoms, consult your cardiologist and get evaluated. Treatment depends on the exact cause and it require anticoagulation medicine. Wish you healthy and prosperous life.