Autism or just behaviour?

Patient: My 2 years old daugther showing some signs of having autism. She spins in curcles, sometimes she is pluginnig her ears,she sometimes do unusual gestures with her arms, she is two and she has delay at speach(she is talking but more like bubbling, not actiual words with meaning), she is prettending that she is counting and putting in order her markers or spoons and forks, she doesn’t respond to question if she is to much in her game or watching cartoon, she sometimes is agresive throwing her toys, she still wakes up during night and somtimes she can kicks and turns for hours so i don’t even know if she is awake or dreaming . OTher than that, she is very social she point to object what she wants and places she wants to go, she shares with other people, she is feeding her dools, she respond to comands knows what i want her to do, what ever i am doing or watching she is trying to get my attention. she have good eye contact. She wants to play with different toys, she get bored with her toys after awile, so she don’t get attached to one thing only. So, I don’t know should I worry or not. Thank you, Marina