Avascular necrosis of the hip

Patient: Hi,Ive been having a problem with my right-hand side lower back for around four years now. The problem feels like a bad strain and comes on after a short time when washing up the dishes, hoovering up or just walking for awhile.I thought it was part of my hip problem at first but its still happening three months after having my silent hip replacement. Im also having muscle problems with my other leg,that i was putting pressure on before my op, due to not being able to put much weight on the other one for about eight months.The aches are coming from my thigh around 2inches above the knee and tends to hurt when walking stairs and when moving the leg from an outside position to a inward one,it also pains when i try to lift the leg up from a lying down position. Thanks Brian.

Doctor: Pain after hip replacement usually takes at least 6 months to disappear completely. Your description of the type of pain and limitation of movements, most likely indicate avascular necrosis of the hip in this other leg too. You may want to consult your orthopedic specialist for diagnosis of the condition and relevant treatment.