Azilect (which pharmacy can it be purchased from)

Patient: Hello,I live in Calgary, AB, Canada, but I have a cousin in the USA whose husband has Parkinsons. They have asked me to see how much his medication would cost here (in Canada) and if I could get it for him and ship it there (if less expensive). When I went to the pharmacy to ask about this, they told me my cousins husband would have to see a doctor here in Canada and get a Canadian prescription filled out and then he could purchase it here.So here is my first question…is this true? The reason I ask is because I then went online, and found not one but 2 companies that would welcome his USA prescription (after contacting his doctor in the USA ofcourse, and which is not a problem) and send him the medication. So I am not sure what to make of this, are they scams? How can a drug dispenser also sell to the USA? What about the medication they sell is it safe?This brings me to my second question, say they are legitimate, can you please clarify, if there are any dangers? One company from BC quoted me the following price (this is for azilect (rasagiline) 1 mg tablet 3 month supply 1/day) generic drug, produced in India for $299, Brand name drug from Turkey 90 pills for $428.The second company quoted me $518.78US (and added they only dispense from regulated sources).Whereas the cheapest price I could find a local pharmacy was $697.59.Looking overseas in the UK 295.20 pounds from you kindly and much apprecieated if some light could be shed on both the legality of this purchase and the medication itself,

Doctor: Thank you for your questions. In order to obtain any prescription medication in Canada, one has to be seen by a licensed doctor in Canada and obtain a prescription in order to have it filled in a Canadian pharmacy. We are always very cautious about online pharmacies for the very same reasons you may have. Online pharmacies are not as regulated for the the medications they dispense as regular pharmacies. Having said that, one can not be sure as to quality of manufacturer of the medication that the online pharmacy is dispensing until it is received upon delivery by the patient. The safest method for your family member to obtain their prescription is to have it filled within their own country by a licensed pharmacist. We recognize that this is a very expensive medication, but given that Parkinson’s is a very serious neurodegenerative disease, it is important that the quality of the medications taken for to treat this disease are of the highest standard. A lot of the larger pharmacies in the the United states may offer this medication at a discounted price, or there may be some subsidization that the state department of health can offer to reduce the cost. is not affiliated with any online pharmacy nor endorses any for the sale of prescription medications. We hope this information helps.Thank you for consulting