Azoospermia treatment

Patient: Hi sir/madam,I have done two semen analysis & both turned out to nil sperm count i.e azoospermia.PUS cells : 4-5 / hpfEpithelial cells: 1 -2 /hpfPH – 8Reaction: AlkalineI did my blood work and the Hormone levels areFSH – 5.69 mlU/mlLH – 3.3 mlU/mlProlactin – 14.50 ng/mlTestosterone – 2.71 ng/mlI had undescended testes by birth on the left side & got in removed at age of 24. I had a hernia surgery on the left side at the age of 24. I also had a hernia surgery at the right side at the age of 1.5 & again its recurrence was surgically treated at the age of 27.Please let me know what i should do next. I am very much worried about my future.