Patient: 2 years ago i did ICSI by TESA. but not getting pregnant. doctors seen 5-6 sperms in TESA. I want to know, this is obstructive or non-obstructive azoospermia? Is there any possible treatment?

Doctor: If a TESAprocedure has been successful in retrieving sperms than most likely this is an obstructive azoospermia that you suffer from. Doing a repeat TESA-ICSI cycle will give you the best chances of pregnancy. You must bear in mind that a single ICSI failure should not deter you from trying again. Assisted reproductive techniques such as IVF/ ICSI fail as a result of a variety of factors and even in the best of hands the success rates are 40 -55% at best.I would suggest that you try again. You may consult a urologist managing infertility cases for a second opinion in your case to know more about the obstructive azoospermia. Taking supplements containing co enzyme-q, lycopene, zinc, l-carnitine etc. may also help you increase the number and quality of sperms found at TESA.You must also remember that you always have the option of using a donor semen sample in case you feel that going through the TESA procedure is too distressing for you.

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