B12 Low – 140, should I be concerned

Patient: Got some blood work done & B12 was 140 & lab results showed mild anemia. Is taking a B12 vitamin enough? A few years back I was diagnosed with IBS, could that be related? Also, the blood work should High Monocytes, absolute (.88). Dr. Didnt really explain what that meant.

Symptoms: Tired, week, sick feeling, mood swings

Doctor: Hi dear patient, Firstly you have a very low level of vitamin B12 and people with severe IBS can develop vit B12 deficie ncy due to problems with food intake, digestion and absorption. Vit B12 is available in animal products and fortified plant foods. some people of IBS may not tolerate dairy and meat products leading to less B12 intake. IBS can cause chronic diarrhea, which may lead to loss of vit B12 and other vitamins and minerals before they can be absorbed. The treatment is usually by vit B12 shots which are injected into deltoid and ventrogluteal regions. People with IBS and Vit B12 deficiency may require lifelong vit B12 injections in order to prevent organ damage. High absolute monocyte count can be seen in Chronic inflammation, infections, stress-response in immune mediated diseases. my advise is you consult a gastroenterologist and you need further work up and treatment.