Baby cow milk formula allergy

Patient: My son has cow milk formula intolerance, I do not breast feed, he is 5 months old, I tried to give him today a special formula, called allernova, it supposed to heel his eczema and relief his itchy skin, the thing is that it get worst, the eczema extended to a bigger space on his legs, arms and face, and the redness got very severe, does that mean that I should look for another formula ? If yes what do you recommend?Does Elecare amino acid base a good substitute ? I tried to give him a soy based formula it helped to relief him, no itchy skin and redness faded like magic, but I stopped giving him this soy based formula because it contains an estrogen-like substance, it might cause him hormonal disorder.

Symptoms: Redness skin, itchy, cough, sometimes blocked nose.