Baby Diarrhea

Patient: My question is what can you gave a one year old baby for diarrhea if there is anything out there can you please tell me about if not can you tell me that it will have to run its way. thank you for your time

Doctor: Hello, I comprehend your worry as a mother about your baby’s health. According to the age of your baby, the cause of dia iarrhea in most of the cases is usually a viral infection such as Rotavirus which is the most common diarrhea causing virus in children between 6 months to 2 years; or if you have changed your baby’s milk formula this could be the cause too.Surely the most important step here is to keep your baby well hydrated to prevent dehydration; you could use Pedialyte every 4 to 6 hours, this would also help him recover his energy and appetite, remember to give your baby foods such as oat meal, banana, rice cereal, apple sauce and toast. Stop any formula that he might be taking.Since he is only 1 year old it is not recommended to attack the diarrhea with medications at the beginning, watch for symptoms of Fever, Sunken eyes or cheeks, crying without tears given that these could be signs of dehydration, if the diarrhea does not stop in the next 3 days, a visit to the Pediatrician is granted for more targeted evaluation and treatment. I hope your baby recovers soon.