Baby facing Anemia problam

Patient: Hi, My baby age 33 days facing probalm red blood clees breaking ANEMIA ,by birth after 24 house faceing jandice heigh 19.9 and hemaglibin 14.6 after 7 days jandies decresed 2.9 but hemaglibin count 8.6 decresed hemaglibin count 8.6 blood trafulation done after hemaglibin count 15.0 after 20 days hemaglibin 8.5 bloor tranfulation done after hemaglibin count 12.5mother B positive c negative baby Bpositive cpositive identified in coob test .Baby facing Anemia problamPLease give me solution and sugetions

Symptoms: Baby facing Anemia problam ,Pale and blood loss