Baby only get about 7 hours a night

Patient: My 2.5 grand daughter doesn’t seem to need much sleep she is very actif at time aggressif she take a one hour nap but this is your probleme she doesn’t go to bed before 11 or midnight is this normal?

Symptoms: Agressif scatch,bite,kick she does this behivore to us and to herself

Doctor: Thank you for contacting ask the doctor.Any violent behavior in a toddler is a matter of concern and should be taken seriously. Therefore I recommend an immediate visit to a pediatrician. There is a possibility of developing a conduct disorder when the toddler enters the adolescent age. Parents should keep an open eye for the following warning signs :1. Intense anger2. Extreme irritability / impulsiveness3. Easy frustration or frequent loss of frustration.It is essential you seek a professional help when there is time to train and help the child control the anger in the early stages. You child could be developing a rebellious behavior or may have an underlying condition which needs a detailed history and physical examination.Hope this information is useful.