Baby safe with steriod

Patient: My daugther in law is spotting sonogram shows nothing how safe is steriod given to her Is the baby fully develop

Symptoms: Spotting from 9p to 1am no cramping

Doctor: Hi,Thanks for the medical question on askthedoctor.comI understand your concern.You didn’t mention the gestational age of your daughter in law.Bleeding can be seen in pregnancy and the possible causes of the bleeding can vary according to the gestational age.According to your description, I am thinking that she is in the third trimester.The possible causes of bleeding in the third trimester are placental abnormalities like abruptio placenta, placenta Previa, onset of premature labour pains etc.Usually, steroid injection is recommended at around 34 weeks if there is any expectation of premature labour.Steroid injections help in lung maturity of the baby.If your doctor recommending steroid injection for this purpose, you can follow her advice.Take care.