Baby UTI – 1.4 Years.

Patient: Hi,My baby is 1.4 years and when she was 6 month she got her first urinary infection which and she was on antibiotcs after that her immune got weak and she started catching cold cough a lot.we changed the doctor since we shifted else where and then every month she gets fever and cold we use which is always firstly considered as viral but then every time when a urnie culture is done she tends to have infection :Summary is that every month she gets urine infection.Doctor asked us to go for an ultrasound KUB whose reports are normal But then he is not asking us to go for DMSA too which I am wondering WHY as this was suppose to be done in case there is some issue in UL KUB.He has presricbed Zifi 50 Syrup 2wice a day and Syrup Sporidex daily 4ml night time ( till he ask to stop)Please let me know what needs to be done

Symptoms: Baby get Urine infection in every 1 month, But since we are in Delhi /Indian weather is also changing and even we adults tends to fall sick.
Also, her symtopms are purly like viral ( Cold /Cough and fever) doctor firstly always gives Fevago/Crocin her fever goes till 103 but when Urine culture is done she always have High White blood cells.And Doctor tell its infection then as soon as she takes ZIFI 50 she is 100% better.

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.It is understood that your daughter is getting recurrent urinary tract infection here a lmost every month. In children, then most common source of contracting infection is exogenous and in her, most likely it seems to be diapers.It is necessary that the perineal hygiene especially in a girl child should be kept at vigil and long duration use of diapers should be avoided just to avoid growth of organism sooner and then causing infection. The diapers should be changed 4-6 hourly in such cases and sterility maintained. Local hygiene is important and use of baby friendly moisturizers and talc may be used to avoid rashes.As once the infection sets in, the only treatment is antibiotics in that case and it can have a deleterious effect on kidneys as well.DMSA scan can only about the scarring or effects of infection till date on kidneys but cannot treat the cause of infection, so I feel the most likely cause being exogenous infection should be addressed first, rest can always be taken care off. You may discuss the option with your physician and take an informed decision for your child.I hope I have answered your query in detail,wishing you good health,Regards,