Patient: Yes i have had back pain in the lower and mid back since as long as i can remember.when i was littler and in school they would being doc and nurses in to check the kids out when they would ask me to bend over and touch my ankles to look at my back they would get worried and discuss this then when going into the service i just about didnt get in because of this.i have had a bed wetting problem since i was little this went on into my teen years then osscionally as i got older now its hard for me to hold it i get the urge i better run not walk to the restroom. my back pain is still here i have just learned to live with it sometimes very little other time it would make the normal indiviaul cry. i get migrain heacaches about 2 or three times a year the only way to get rid of the is to lye down and take a nap if i can pills dont helpmuscles in legs and arms spasm up and after a while go away and i’m fine sometimes i look like i have cerlvapsy or something then it just goes away, i do get tingleing,numbness in my muscles to and sometimes my joints hurt.doctors say it lower back pain just stretch and send me to theropy and it never works. chiropathor set my back a couple of times i feel like am parilized and they knock the breath out of me and i cant catch my breath and it hurts help i’m tired of this and get beat up