Back and chest acne

Patient: I have really bad chest and back acne, is there a natural way of getting rid of it fast?

Symptoms: It kind of itches, and is pretty red

Doctor: Acne can be managed on case to case basis, depending upon the severity. The treatment options range from oral antibiotic s to topical application of antiseptic and astringent lotions along with vitamin supplements. Apart from the medical management, other supportive measures include, maintaining a healthy lifestyle with regular physical exercise, avoiding junk food, having plenty of fresh fruits and salads, ample of oral fluids and keeping the body clean. For oily skin, use an astringent to clean the affected area before going out and after returning from work/school. Wash the affected area (or bathe) at least twice in a day with mild soap and water (esp. in summers) and pat dry the skin, avoid scrubbing. You may consult a Dermatologist for a proper medical prescription, if required.