Back and neck pain after my car accident

Patient: I was in a car accident on may 14, today is may 15. i had no initial pain but about 8 hours later my back started to hurt and now my back hurts from the middle up to my neck and i have a throbbing headache. i was wondering how long i should wait to see if it goes away with ibuprofen before i see a doctor.

Doctor: In my opinion the pain may be due to whiplash injury and associated muscle spasm, and may not just go away with simple m easures. You need to be assessed by your doctor for any deeper injury with the help of X-rays of the neck and back. Adequate rest and hot or cold compresses may help. Anti inflammatory medications like ibuprofen would also be helpful, but you may require physiotherapy or massage therapy for the relief of pain and spasm of the neck and back muscles.