Back brace will help lumbar herniated disk?

Patient: I have been diagnosed with a herniated disk, in the L5 region. My question is:Is there any truth to the claims that a decompression style back brace can help a herniated disk to heal? If true can you recommend a good one to try?

Doctor: You could try the brace but the first treatment for a herniated disk is a short period of rest with pain and anti-inflam matory medications, followed by physical therapy. Most people who follow these treatments will recover and return to their normal activities. A small number of people need to have further treatment, which may include steroid injections or surgery. Changes in your lifestyle are a must, like diet and exercise are crucial to improving back pain in overweight patients .Physical therapy is important for nearly everyone with disk disease. Therapists will tell you how to properly lift, dress, walk, and perform other activities. They will work on strengthening the muscles that help support the spine. You will also learn flexibility of the spine and legs. Steroid injections into the back in the area of the herniated disk may help control pain for several months. Such injections reduce swelling around the disk and relieve many symptoms. Spinal injections are usually done on an outpatient basis. Surgery may be an option for the few patients whose symptoms do not go away despite other treatments and time.

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Guest: hi am working out at the gym, that’s where I hurt myself lifting weights. now I am so mad because I can’t hardly even walk. so I cannot go excerise. Till I get better. I am icing and resting.. but what .else can I do? the dr.’s said no surgery