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Back issues and pain for the last week or so

Patient: I’m 26 years old and in good health. I recently had a full physical about 2 months ago (with blood work). I have always been into lifting weights and running. I lift weights 3 times per week and run 5 to 6 times per week, running about 5 to 7 miles each day. About a week ago I started noticing a dull pain in my upper right back, seeming to feel more annoying than anything. Not necessarily painful or all the time- it would just come and go. It has continued but has not gotten any worse. I seem to feel a dull pain in my upper right back as if I strained a muscle or pinched something ( I really don’t know). I also have a dull pain that comes and goes in my right rib cage and sometimes in my upper right chest. I’m not sure if this is all related but it starting to spook me. My upper neck seems to be a little sore, but I feel that is pretty common with everyday actions and since I work out. It does not hurt when I workout it is just a dull pain that I seem to notice a lot more when not working out. A lot of people tell me it is nothing, but I have never had this before. I fear it could be cancer or a tumor in my back etc. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Please help!



Symptoms: Dull pain in the areas indicated above. it is not painful, but seems to come and go- and in my upper right back/neck the not/dull pain seems to be pretty constant or noticeable.



Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query and an elucidate history.Considering your age of 26 , this certainly is not due to cancer o r so.The problem you are facing looks to be due to the muscle sprains one gets after the way you conduct your own fitness.Most of the times this continues to be repetitive stress injury syndrome as you have continued your workouts and daily works.I would advise you to get a clinical examination done from a Doctor, get appropriate medicines and take rest from all such activities that stress the area.

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Patient: So you don’t see this being something life threatening or possible tumor and or spinal cancer? I know that sounds a bit out there, but like I said, I have been active in weight lifting and running for 10 plus years and have never really had this. I have had muscle pains before, but they seem to go away. I feel as I get older I worry a lot more. I set an appointment with our clinic here in town to see a physicians assistant at the doctors office. Do you feel that is sufficient or do I need to see a specialist to have MRI and scan done?

Doctor: No, this is does not look like life threatening or possible tumor or spinal cancer as I have already explained above.
It is always best to see the Specialist in the field, please consult an Orthopedic Surgeon and go for MRI or whichever investigations as advised by him after clinical evaluation and examination.


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