Back, neck and hip pain when I wake up

Patient: When i wake up in the morning my neck, back,and hips are hurting very bad and by the end of the day the pain has gone and it starts all over agian in the morning.have done blood work every thing come back good. have toke naproxen and prednisone. they have helped a litle but when i ran out it came back just as bad.

Doctor: Several types of stress may cause back, neck pain. Some causes are: poor posture causing misalignment of the head, neck and shoulders; wear and tear over the years causing arthritis; and age. Such activities can aggravate neck pain: sleeping on 2 or more pillows where your head is at an angle; reading in bed; poor posture while gaming (i.e. X-Box, Playstation); and prolonged stress while working at the computer. Whatever your reason for neck pain, a physical therapist can help you recover quickly, teach you good habits, teach you exercises to strengthen your neck muscles to prevent reoccurrences to reduce ongoing pain or stiffness. What can you do for neck pain? First, seek your doctor for a thorough evaluation and obtain a diagnosis. Second, stay active. Try to keep up with your normal activities, bed rest is not necessary.When your neck hurts, the goal is to keep your spine in a neutral position. Avoid bending your head forward or off to the side. Rest is necessary for short periods. However, remember you want to try to keep active. It is just as important to allow your neck to rest. If your neck gets tired, the muscles will stiffen as a result. Avoid resting with too many pillows. Try to fill in the gap of the back of the neck and the bed with a pillow preferably with a memory foam one or if that is not tolerated, a down pillow can be formed under the neck and head. If possible change your mattress for a memory foam one.