Back, neck, shoulder, wrist, elbow pains and headaches.

Patient: I have had really bad neck pains for about 4 months. About a month ago I pulled a muscle in my lower back from a sneeze. I still feel a lot of pain, I get sharp pains all throughout my back the top of my spine feels like a deep aching pain, this goes through my shoulders and all throughout my lower back and hips. I am seeing a chiropractor but it isn’t helping at all intact I feel it is making it worse. I have had sharp pains in my shoulder on my biceps on both arms. I also have wrist and elbow joint pains. I also have headaches quiet often also, sometimes turning into migraines. I also have elbow and wrist joint pains also. I would really like to know what is causing this pain and if there is something I should be doing or if I should go for x-rays. I have tried muscle relaxants, tylenol and many creams and ice to try to help and nothing is working.Attatched is a picture of the scan that my chiropractor did. The colour legend on the bottom is tension, and the circled numbers should be under 20%.Thanks!Melanie