Patient: Hello, My Name is Jeff and the following will have to do with my Question. I am a male, 59 years old. I have the following from an MRI report. The right kidney is identified with the presence of a double J stint within the right renal collection system. However there is persistant moderate degree of hydonephrosis. Califications are demonstated in the midpole calyx on the right which may represent a renal calculus 7mm in diameter. The left kidney is identified and demonstrates moderate degree of hydronephrosis and hrdroureter. Following the left ureter inferiorly demonstrates a ureteral stone measuring up to 11mm in the greatest dimension and located at the S1 level. Stranding or reticulation of the perinephric space fat is seen suggestive of obstrutive uropathy. Additional calculi are demonstrated within the upper mid and lower pole of the left kidney. The right kidney also demonstrates additional calculi associated with the renal pelvis.IMPRESSION: Presence of the double J stint within the right renal collecting system though persistant hydronephrosis and hydoureter is seen on the right. Multiple renal calculi are also seen and associated with the right kidney. Stones demonstrated within the mid ureter left side causing moderate to severe hydronephrosis and hydoureter. Additionl stones are seen associated with the renal pelves. Stranding of the adjacent perinephric space fat is seen suggestive of an obstuctive uropathy.NOTE: The stint in my right kidney was put in place in May of 2006.I also suffer from Mild Degenerative Disc Lower Lubar Spine Area.My Questions are:1. Can the problems with my kidneys aggravate or cause moderate to more severe pain in my lower Back?2. Can pain and spasms in my lower back aggravate my kidneys.Thank You..Jeff

Doctor: Thank you for your question. The problem with you kidney can indeed lead to exacerbation of you lower back pain. The inf lammation in your kidney can radiate outward and experienced in the lower back and down into the groin as pain. The spasms that you experience in you lower back may not aggravate your kidney problems however, if there is underlying inflammation in your kidneys, these spasms can in fact lead to aggravation and pain. The underlying cause of your kidney issues needs to be addressed by your doctor. If you haven’t discussed your option of treatment as yet, please speak to them about this and schedule treatment.Thank you for consulting