Back Pain

Patient: I am currently on extended business travel in the United Arab Emirates.Three weeks ago I woke up after only 3 hours of sleep with severe pain in my mid to upper back. During the day there was no pain but the episodes continued every night for a week. I went to a Doctor where he took two X-rays and a blood test. He diagnosed me with a severe muscle strain possible due to over exertion and vitamin D deficiency. He prescribed Celebrex and have me a vitamin D injection. The Celebrex has relieved enough pain that I went from 3 hours to 7 hours sleep every night. However, It is still painful in the morning and very difficult to get out of bed. Additionally, over the past two weeks pain and stiffness has spread to my lower back, hips, back of the right knee and the left wrist. Seems like every day results in different parts of my body hurting but the one constant is the middle of my back. I have a week left in UAE. Today my left side lower back is the most painful area. The Celebrex worked good at first but over time the ability to control the pain has been reduced. Can I wait until my return to the US to follow up with my family Doctor?